Keira Knightley

2005 saw the release of three films, the first of which was The Jacket. The complex thriller starring Adrien Brody was derided by critics as unoriginal, silly and messy. Keira Knightley was taken to task for her American accent but was otherwise dismissed by critics. Next came Tony Scott's Domino, an action film based on the life of bounty hunter Domino Harvey. The film has been Keira Knightley's greatest critical flop to date. Keira Knightley's critics often suggested she was nothing more than a pretty face, which led the young starlet to comment to Elle magazine, "I always feel like I’m the one with everything to prove."

Zac Efron

In 2003, Zac Efron starred in the Lifetime original television movie Miracle Run. Zac Efron played Steven Morgan, one of two autistic twins. For his performance, Zac Efron was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Mini-series or Special — Supporting Young Actor. In 2005, Zac Efron played a main character in Hope Partlow's music video for her song "Sick Inside." Also in 2005, Zac Efron played horse-loving Patrick McCardle in The Derby Stallion, where his character wants to beat the town bully at the steeple chase race.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is primarily a baseline player. Serena Williams' game is built around taking immediate control of rallies with a powerful and consistent serve (considered by some to be the best in the women's game), return of serve, and forceful groundstrokes from both her forehand and backhand swings. Serena Williams' serve is technically very sound and has been hit as hard as 129 mph (206.5 km/h), the second-fastest (after her sister Venus) all-time among female players.


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